Tilawat of the Quran


T-L-W (ta-lam-waw)


1. To follow. To go or walk behind or after (immediately or without intervention) (bodily or in reality; or virtually or in effect) [for example usage, see 91:2]

2. To read or peruse or recite (the Quran or any other discourse) and follow (it) (or do according to it or conform with it) [for example usage, see 2:121, 2:151, 2:129, 3:164, 35:29, 39:71, 62:2, 65:11]

3. To relate or rehearse (e.g. narratives or verses to someone) [for example usage, see 2:252, 3:58, 28:3, 45:6]

TILWUN = a ewe’s or a she-goat’s or a she-camel’s young one when weaned and following the mother

Difference between TILAWAT and QIR’AT

TILAWAT may include QIR’AT but the reverse is not the case