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Namaz ( prayer ) ( salaat )

takbeerat al-qayyam al-qayyam al-qayyam al-qayyam ruku qayyam sajjdah tashahhud sajjdah quood quood quood quood


1. When beginning to perform salaat, a woman raises both hands up to the level of her shoulders. While standing she puts her right hand on the left hand. However, she does not grasp her left wrist the fingers of her right hand. She puts her hands on her breast. While making ruku, her hands are placed on the knees, but do not grasp them. She keeps her fingers close together. She does not keep her legs straight, nor her back level. While making sajda, she lowers herself, bringing her arms to her side while she keeps her abdomen placed over her thighs. She sits on the buttocks, her legs inclined towards right.

2. A woman cannot be imam for men. If they follow a man as imam, they should be in last line of the jama'at.

3. While performing salaat in jama'at, if a woman stands besides or in front of a man, the man salaat will be Fasid (nullified).